Friday, March 18, 2016

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

Most people are often afraid of installing wrought iron fencing due its expensive installation cost and the need for professional installation. But the benefits of wrought iron fencing far outweigh these disadvantages making it one of the best solutions for residential fencing. Wrought iron is metal heated to allow for shaping into various styles, designs and shapes.

Versatile and attractive
The multiple options of shaping the iron makes it an art piece that doubles up as a fencing material. You can have the iron fence designed to your specifications for an elegant and artistic fencing pattern that cannot be compared to other fencing materials. Wrought iron fences come in curved, straight posts, twisted spires and beautiful scrolls among other designs. Coupled with the black color of the iron fence, this kind of fencing can give your home major curb appeal.

Great security
Wrought iron fencing is also a great security feature. Pointed and spear like finials can deter trespassers or burglars from trying to climb over the fence. It makes the fence look quite intimidating. Iron is a very strong material that is quite difficult to cut through without some very noisy power tools. The narrowness and openwork design of the fencing makes it appear fragile but the iron poles are quite strong, the thin and smooth vertical posts are also quite difficult to climb over. Keeping the open spaces between the spires and scrolls narrow makes it difficult for one to crawl through the fence.

Various applications
The openness and security of the wrought iron fence makes it great for pool enclosures and fencing gardens. Iron fencing is quite versatile in its application. It does not have the industrial or institutional look of chain link fencing which is another metal fencing option. This is why wrought iron fencing can be used in residential application, schools, hospitals and even fencing for office buildings among other applications. It perfectly complements the beauty of landscaped outdoor areas and garden settings with its ornate designs.

Low maintenance
Iron fencing is an extremely low maintenance fencing material. Rotting and insect damage are not a problem like with wooden fencing and rust can be kept at bay by recoating the outer surface of the fence. Iron fencing is weatherproof and can stand up to windy storms, heavy rainfall and even piles of snow without any problems. Maintenance is done twice a year by checking for areas that may need refinishing to prevent rust.

Great investment
It is a cost wise investment compared to other roofing materials. Even though initial installation is expensive, wrought iron fencing outlasts most fencing materials. It gives your home more curb appeal and this enhances its value in case you are planning to sell. The durability of the fence keeps repair needs at a minimum and the little amount of maintenance involved is also friendly to the pocket. Wrought iron fencing can give your home the much sought after character you have been looking for. 

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