Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Fences

Choosing a good fence is important to the exterior design of your house and its functionality as well. One of the pain reasons why people put up fences is for privacy although there are many other factors as well. The privacy factor is also crucial to the kind of fence that you choose. Here is a simple guide to the different types of fences available in the market today.

Aluminum fences

Aluminum fencing is quite popular and inexpensive. It can be designed to look just like most of the other fencing material. However, aluminum is not very strong and does not provide enough security as you may look for in a fence. It is not recommended for use in severe weather. On the plus side, aluminum is very easy to maintain.

Wood fences

Wood is one of the oldest fencing materials and has stood the test of time due to its aesthetics, durability and great functionality. It still remains one the most popular types of fencing in the USA because of the amount of privacy it provides with its wide panels and great height. It is very attractive since it can be carved and cut into a variety of colors. The wood can be stained to leave the natural grain patterns showing or painted into any of a variety of colors. Wood fencing has a warm and welcoming feeling without being too expensive. Wood fencing is also very versatile, from picket fences around the home to animal corals and property fencing, wood can be used in almost any application. With good maintenance, wood fencing can easily last as long as the lifespan of your home.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl is one of the latest innovations in the world of fencing and hands down the best way to make your yard look great. Vinyl fences can replace wooden stakes and picket fences. They are much stronger than wooden fences; they are extremely durable and suitable for any kind of environmental conditions since they are weather proof. Vinyl fences require almost no maintenance whatsoever due to their extremely efficient design.

Wrought iron fence

Wrought iron fences are great if you want some funky designs on top of your fence. Wrought iron is a strong and beautiful fencing material. They are great as a security measure since they are virtually indestructible. Wrought iron fencing have only one disadvantage, like wood fencing, they also require constant upkeep to prevent discoloration and rusting. You will need to repaint your fences at least once every two or three years.

Chain link fences
Although they do not add much privacy, chain link fencing is one of the functional fencing material out there. Chain link fences are very popular in applications where functionality overrules aesthetics, although they are easy on the eye too. Chain link is cheap, durable, easy to maintain and repair and suitable in a variety of applications such as pet enclosures, park enclosures, pool enclosures, school and playground fencing among many other functions.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

Most people are often afraid of installing wrought iron fencing due its expensive installation cost and the need for professional installation. But the benefits of wrought iron fencing far outweigh these disadvantages making it one of the best solutions for residential fencing. Wrought iron is metal heated to allow for shaping into various styles, designs and shapes.

Versatile and attractive
The multiple options of shaping the iron makes it an art piece that doubles up as a fencing material. You can have the iron fence designed to your specifications for an elegant and artistic fencing pattern that cannot be compared to other fencing materials. Wrought iron fences come in curved, straight posts, twisted spires and beautiful scrolls among other designs. Coupled with the black color of the iron fence, this kind of fencing can give your home major curb appeal.

Great security
Wrought iron fencing is also a great security feature. Pointed and spear like finials can deter trespassers or burglars from trying to climb over the fence. It makes the fence look quite intimidating. Iron is a very strong material that is quite difficult to cut through without some very noisy power tools. The narrowness and openwork design of the fencing makes it appear fragile but the iron poles are quite strong, the thin and smooth vertical posts are also quite difficult to climb over. Keeping the open spaces between the spires and scrolls narrow makes it difficult for one to crawl through the fence.

Various applications
The openness and security of the wrought iron fence makes it great for pool enclosures and fencing gardens. Iron fencing is quite versatile in its application. It does not have the industrial or institutional look of chain link fencing which is another metal fencing option. This is why wrought iron fencing can be used in residential application, schools, hospitals and even fencing for office buildings among other applications. It perfectly complements the beauty of landscaped outdoor areas and garden settings with its ornate designs.

Low maintenance
Iron fencing is an extremely low maintenance fencing material. Rotting and insect damage are not a problem like with wooden fencing and rust can be kept at bay by recoating the outer surface of the fence. Iron fencing is weatherproof and can stand up to windy storms, heavy rainfall and even piles of snow without any problems. Maintenance is done twice a year by checking for areas that may need refinishing to prevent rust.

Great investment
It is a cost wise investment compared to other roofing materials. Even though initial installation is expensive, wrought iron fencing outlasts most fencing materials. It gives your home more curb appeal and this enhances its value in case you are planning to sell. The durability of the fence keeps repair needs at a minimum and the little amount of maintenance involved is also friendly to the pocket. Wrought iron fencing can give your home the much sought after character you have been looking for. 

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing You Should Know About

There is a wide variety of fencing materials available in the market today that you can choose from. Wooden fencing, iron fencing, chain link fencing, plastic and vinyl fencing are just some of the options. Vinyl fencing however trumps all the others and has become the number one choice for most consumers in the fencing industry. Here are the reasons why:

Vinyl fencing is strong and durable
Contrary to what you may think vinyl fencing is five times as strong as wooden fencing making in the better option. Wooden fencing is susceptible to water damage, rot and damage by pests while vinyl is immune to all of these hazards. This flexible fencing material can be used in any environmental condition including rain and strong wind without collapsing or breaking. Vinyl fencing is great for the seaside since it can withstand saltwater exposure.

Vinyl fencing is extremely easy to maintain
Vinyl fencing is strong and durable meaning there are very few instances where repair is necessary. There is little or no maintenance required for vinyl fencing. It does not change or lose its color so you do not need to repaint it. When it gets dirty all you have to do is hose it down with soapy water, rinse it clean and leave it to air-dry. There is no danger of rust, rot or termite attacks compared to other fencing materials like wood and iron.

Vinyl fencing is non-toxic
Vinyl does not have any special colors or coating. The color goes through the entire depth of the material. It is not treated using hazardous chemicals such as the big repellants applied on wood. This makes it totally not toxic. It is an environmentally friendly material as well since it can be recycled.

Vinyl is economic
Vinyl fencing is much cheaper than other types of fencing materials which already makes it a good choice. Since it is durable and needs very little maintenance, you will hardly spend any more money on the fence once it is installed making it the economical choice. You may spend a lot of time and money repairing and maintaining wooden fences.

Vinyl fencing is easy to install
Almost anyone can install vinyl fencing in residential application. The biggest challenges, which is not quite a challenge, while installing vinyl fencing is digging the holes for the posts. Vinyl fences are designed for easy installation simply by sliding the side rails into the poles and securing the poles in the ground. You can save money since you do not have to hire a professional to install the fence.

Vinyl fencing is beautiful

There is no doubt that vinyl fencing is easy on the eye. It comes in a variety of colors and designs that you can use to decorate your home’s exterior. You can even match the color of the fence to the exterior of your home if you have a general theme going on. You can use vinyl for poolside fencing, garden fencing or fencing your yard among other applications. 

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Questions To Ask Before Installing A New Fence

By the time you are looking for a fence installer, we assume that you’ve figured out the reasons why you need a fence. May be you want to provide a safe place for your children and pets to play or just to cover your compound for a little more privacy. Fortunately, fencing contractors can provide you with all the information you need to get the work done just the way you want it. All you need to do is ask.

What are the maintenance demands?
There are fences that will require ongoing maintenance so you need to take this into account when calculating the cost. The maintenance needs will depend on the type of fence you choose as well as how well it is installed. Synthetic materials don’t require a lot of upkeep unlike materials like wood.

Do you need any special building permits?
It’s important to hire a fence installer who is well versed with the permit regulations. A fence contractor will understand all these requirements and explain to you in detail. It is important for the fence to be installed in accordance with these guidelines.

What type of fences have you installed before?
When you are choosing a contractor pay attention to their area of specialization. It’s good to know what type of fences they construct often. If possible, ask the contractor to show you a list of images and give you contacts of their recent clients. It’s good to talk to people who have had their fences installed by the professional so that you have an idea of what to expect.

What type of licenses do they hold?
Fencing contractors should have the qualification required to work on your project. Don’t be afraid to ask about the type of license the contractor holds because it enables you to ensure that they meet the local codes and ordinances. It’s important to have qualified professionals install your fence or else issues may later arise that are costly to fix.

What material options do you have?
If you are yet to choose the type of fence that is most suitable for your property, a good fencing contractor should make this simpler for you. They should explain the material options they have and help you choose one that is suitable for your budget and needs. You may also have the option of purchasing your own materials and have the professional carry on with the installation process. This can save you some money so try and find a contractor who is flexible.

Who will work on the project?

You need to find out if the contractors have their own team of fence installers or they subcontract the work to another service provider. You need to ask where they get their materials from and how long the project is going to take. Also find out what hidden costs you should expect at the end of the project and whether they’ll be responsible for clearing any mess they create. These questions may seem obvious but will help you to prevent disappointments. 

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Simple Guide to Buying Pool Fences

Many of us dream of having a home that has a pool in the backyard where kids can play and you can relax after a long day’s work. Unfortunately, pools in homes have become death traps. A lot can be done to minimize pool accidents and one of the most common steps is installation of a suitable fences.

You have a variety of options when it comes to pool fences. From the aluminum panels that are simple to install to the steel fences that are strong and can last a lifetime, there’s so much in store for you. But prior to choosing a pool fence, you have to consider a number of factors.

Glass pool fences
Glass is a common material used in fencing modern pools. The good thing with glass is that it allows you to supervise your kids or pets from afar. But cleaning clear glass can be a tedious affair and hence many home owners stay away glass from pool fences because of their maintenance demands.

Aluminum and steel fencing
Both aluminum and steel are common options used in fencing pools. The advantage of aluminum and steel is that they are both very durable materials that are appealing when used in the pool area. But you’ll need to dedicate some time to maintain your steel fence by sealing it properly so that it doesn’t rust.

Wood fencing
Using wood to fence your pool area can beautify your outdoor space. The only challenge with this material is that it can be hard to maintain. The fact that wooden fences are not transparent may also present a supervision challenge in homes that have kids.

How is pool fencing installed?
Installing a pool fence can be pretty simple depending on the material and type of pool fence you choose. It’s important to get the dimensions right so that you don’t go against the local codes. For instance, the gaps left at the bottom of the fence should not exceed a certain size. Do not attempt to make this type of installation a DIY project unless you have done it before. Make sure you understand the regulations that apply before you begin such a project.

How to maintain your pool fence
The maintenance demands will depend on the type of material that has been used to make the pool fence. Pool fences made using steel will require little maintenance but you have to take proper measures to prevent rust. Glass will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Wood should never be used in pool fencing as it is prone to water damage that causes decay. 

How to keep the pool area safe
Safety should be your topmost concern when it comes to pool fencing. Pool gates can last more than 5 years if properly installed and well maintained. Avoid leaving items near the fence such as flower pots that can be used by children to climb into the pool area. Make sure no child goes to the pool area unsupervised.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Types of Fencing and Its Uses

One of the most distinct features of a home is the fence that surrounds it. The uses of fencing, however, do not only offer privacy or prevent pets from running loose. Many different materials are available to match your unique preferences. This guide will help you determine which materials are best for fencing your yard based on your needs.
Chain Link
This metal material is among the most commonly used to keep pets and children safe within the perimeters of a residential yard. However, both residential and commercial locations use this material for security purposes. Chain link height can be as short as three feet to as tall as six feet. It also has a variety of gauges, and the lower the gauge, the stronger the material.
Typically, chain link is a silver color, with the galvanized zinc covering the metal. However, you can find it in a wide array of colors.
Vinyl fencing is made from PVC. This makes it tougher than other materials, resulting in a higher cost. It also means that it requires less maintenance than traditional materials. Vinyl is often decorative, used for white picket fences around front lawns, adding to the curb appeal. However, more consumers are buying these in larger panels for use for privacy and pool fences.
This material is used for both decorative and privacy purposes. In addition, if you have a ranch or a farm, then you may decide to use this option for animal containment. Conventionally, you will see pickets made out of either pine, redwood, cedar, or cypress. However, this material can vary depending on the area you live in.
Privacy planks are six to eight feet tall. Decorative options are usually three to four feet tall. Unlike privacy planks, which are all similar in style, decorative pickets can be arched, gothic, dog-eared, flat-topped, or scalloped. Rail versions consist of split rails that are round, board, or square, and they may have some form of mesh attached to them to keep smaller animals in or out.
Aluminum fences are usually used for ornamental or decorative purposes. However, they are durable and require little maintenance. These lightweight alternatives are used in place of wrought iron as they are easier to care for and install. While it might seem like aluminum would easily rust when exposed to the elements, the powder coating over the material keeps it from wearing out too soon. Larger pickets make them stronger, but they are rarely used for security purposes.
Iron in the form of wrought iron is a traditional form of fencing. In the past, these pieces were made entirely out of iron. However, today there is steel and other substances mixed in, which helps keep the cost down while providing the same durability. Common uses for this type are decorative with ornamental features on the tops of pickets. However, because of its heavy weight, you might find that it works well for security purposes.
Choosing the right material will help your home be the one of your dreams.
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why Not Use Chain Link Fencing?

Chain link fencing is a common material whose value is often underestimated, except by those who have actually used it. Chain link fencing has quite a variety of uses both industrially and residentially.
Contains your pets: If you are wondering how to keep your pets enclosed without, shutting them out of nature then chain link fencing is exactly what you are looking for. You can use the chain link fence to separate play areas for the larger pets and small pets.
Security: Chain link fences are a great security barrier. You can make the fence height as high as you need it and have the added option of securing it further using electricity. The visual access also makes it easy to identify and stop intruders.
Safety: Chain link fences give you full visuals of whatever is happening on the other side of the fence. You can watch the kids playing without having to be inside the play area.
Both temporary and permanent use: You can use chain link fences for temporary enclosures and permanently without affecting much of the natural environment. The design of the chain link fence gives it this unique quality that almost no other fencing material can match.

Chain link fences are made of galvanized steel with is very sturdy. The design of the chain link also makes it easy for this fence to withstand forceful winds and hurricanes. The steel posts are also stable because they are cemented into the ground.  Once you coat the galvanized steel, it can with stand years of service without failure.

Easy repair and maintenance
In case a part of your chain link fence is damaged from wear and tear or vandalism, you can simply cut it out and replace it with a new strip of fencing. The new steel blends in well with the old fence so you do not need to take down the entire fence. You barely need to do any upkeep on the fence. If you want colors, all you have to do is paint it and repaint it in case the paint starts to chip or fall off with time.

Chain link fencing does not have to be that image of plain and gray steel fences that you often see in construction sites. Today, chain link faces come in a variety of colors and styles. The wire also comes in a variety of thicknesses to give a more unique look. You can also use vegetation such as vines to enhance the appearance of the chain link fence around your home.

Affordable and easy to install
Chain link fences are the most affordable fencing material available in the market today. The chain link fence is very easy to install and you can even turn it into a DIY project. It takes a professional just a matter of minutes or hours to install the fence. The low cost of installation makes it much cheaper than other fencing materials such as wood. Steel is also recyclable making it affordable.

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