Saturday, February 14, 2015

Different Types of Commercial Fences and How to Choose the Best One

Looking for the perfect fence for your commercial property might seem like a difficult task. The confusion sets in when you are presented with overwhelming options of fences to choose from and you have no idea what makes one type better than the other. Before you even begin shopping for a commercial fence, look at the most common types of fencing used in businesses together with their features.

Commercial chain link fences
These are fences which are mostly used in football and baseball fields because they provide a simple way to contain an area. For instance, if you install a chain link fence in a baseball field, you will be able to contain the flying balls. It’s also a nice option for a playground or any other area where you can contain people without getting worried. It may be installed in varying levels of height depending on the needs.

Welded steel fences
Welded steel panels can be used to make durable fencing for commercial property. However the steel is likely to rust fast depending on the climate so it must be coated with a galvanized finish. The other drawback to this kind of fence is that the welding is usually done on site so the installation can be a bit complex. If you decide to install this kind of commercial fencing, make sure you talk to the manufacturer regarding the jobsite welding and try to keep it to a minimum.

Ornamental iron fences
If you are looking for a type of fence that is attractive, strong and can withstand the elements then the ornamental iron fences may be the perfect choice. This is a type of fencing that appeal to most commercial property owners because of its attractive fa├žade as well as long lasting nature. Ornamental iron fences come in a myriad of styles so it’s easy to choose one that perfectly suits your commercial property.

Aluminum ornamental fences
Aluminum alloys can also be used to make high quality fences used for commercial purposes. This type of fencing is usually most ideal for areas with coastal climates. It offers the kind of strength and rigidity required in a commercial fence. It is also less likely to corrode and the maintenance needs are kept at a minimum.

Razor wire fences
If your main concern is security, then a razor wire fence would work out fine. This is a fence that is designed with sharp edges or razors to deter people from entering or exiting the property. It is usually used as reinforcement above or below a wall. A razor wire fence is most ideal in a property that requires a high level of security and is somewhat isolated from residential properties.

Wood fences
There are also privacy wood fences that are extensively used in commercial properties. They can be constructed to be as tall as needed and then stained in order to withstand the elements. Wood fences can look beautiful and natural in a commercial setting while providing the security and privacy you need. 

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